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Teak Logs
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Other Timber


We manage Large Teak Plantation in Panama Republic, we sell the logs for our clients and investors in International Markets.

Deca Sunrise Panama S.A.
Teak Prices per cbm, per category of girth, F.O.B.
Weight of teak per  CBM = 2.8 tons aproximadamente.
We will sign legal International contracts. 
Diameter   cmsCIRCUNFERENCE girth cms       (diameter x 3.14)toDiameter cmsCIRCUNFERENCE girth cms       (diameter x 3.14)Length in metersF.O.B. x cbm (departing from any port in PANAMA )
15.9150to18.78592.3 $                 280.00
19.0960to21.96692.3 $                 320.00
22.2870to25.14792.3 $                 360.00
25.4680to28.32892.3 $                 395.00
28.6490to31.51992.3 $                 495.00
31.83100to37.871192.3 $                 595.00
38.19120to47.421492.3 $                 695.00
47.74150to50.611592.3 $                 795.00
50.92160to53.791692.3 $                 895.00
54.11170to60.161892.3 $                 995.00
60.47190to69.72192.3 $              1,095.00
70.02220to79.252492.3 $              1,195.00
79.57250tomásmás2.3 $              1,395.00
Formula Hoppus to calculate volume. 
Logs are cut at 2,3 m long
The formula is as folows
V=(C-5 cms)(C-5 cms)*L- 5cms/16
letter V  = volume
letter C = cirdunference of the logs at the buttom and top 
letter L = Lentgh